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Purpose Driven PersonnelDriving each person to find their purpose!

Who We Are

Purpose Driven Personnel is a team comprised of Top Managers from the staffing industry coming together under the same roof to drastically change the way staffing is viewed. Having over 75 years of combined industry experience we acknowledge the best way to service our customers is to first understand our clients. This understanding allows us to not only meet and exceed the requests of our customers, but to utilize our experience and other partnerships to help in the growth and expansion of our customers’ businesses.

Being that each of our managers has come from a different field of specialization, you can feel comfortable knowing that whatever your needs are, they will be handled by the department specializing in that industry. Knowing that when you place an order with us, you are going to an expert every time, can set your mind at ease and simplify your process, giving you more time for the thing that matters most, YOUR BUSINESS!

In today’s day and age, our industry has changed from a people business, to a game of “limbo on rates” but we disagree with that direction. We believe that quality should still be the number one concern. With quality comes a safer workplace and happier employees, both of those lead to lower cost and larger profits. We have an opportunity each day to not only help our customers, but to work with people helping them find direction and bettering their lives.

Here's a statement from our CEO that we believe sums up our perception.

Our job as a personnel service is to help the people we deal with, both our customers and our associates. It’s not to take short cuts in order to make “our pockets fatter”, or to simply "throw bodies" at open orders until someone "sticks". If we are successful, it is because of three things:

  1. Our customers view us as partners
  2. Our associates understand they are part of this company
  3. Our recruiters live to serve

In the three things it takes for us to be successful, an owner’s beliefs alone cannot make these things happen; Instead they should become like a bridge connecting them together. Now we can reward the people that matter most, giving back to the people at all levels is what makes us successful, and that is how we will continue to grow and build on that success. That my friends, is what the industry seems to have forgotten!