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Purpose Driven PersonnelDriving each person to find their purpose!


We are often asked, “If you had to pick an industry, which would you say was your specialty?” We have always had a hard time explaining that we are effectively four different industry specific agencies under the same name and roof. We try to end the conversation with “Pick an order from each, we will happily show you our specialties with action.” That being said, let’s talk a bit more about what we do above finding “the right fit”, that keeps our associate and the client both happy for the duration of our partnership.

“James K. Harter and colleagues found that lower job satisfaction foreshadowed poorer bottom-line performance. Gallup estimates the cost of America’s disengagement crisis at a staggering $300 billion in lost productivity annually.” — N.Y. Times
Employee satisfaction can not only increase your productivity, but it can lower your headcount. If you can increase productivity in each person by only 10%, imagine the savings in personnel! So, “how do we do that?”. We re-enforce with positives. Through our experience we have created a pioneering safety and performance incentive program. Below is a list of a few of the things we do for all of our employees, regardless of which customer site they work at, meaning this is NOT built into our rates.
  • Big Money Raffles
  • Employee of the Month
  • Annual Cruise Raffle (PTO included)
  • Annual "Thank You" Event
  • “On the Spot” Incentives
  • Free associate advancement training
When all of the pieces come together, we become a team. We view our customers as partners, and as any partner, our goal is to look out for their best interest. We also have many ways of saying “Thank You” to our partners for sharing the belief of this business relationship being a partnership. Below are a few examples:
  • Annual Cash Back Incentive
  • Our “Customer Connections” Program
  • Customer Cruise Raffle
  • And Much More!

With all of the things we do for our customers and our associates, I’m sure you would like to look into what we can do for you. Please take a moment to Contact Us and find out what your customized programs would look like!